My blog is to inform what actors and actresses are doing in their professional lives, not their personal lives. Everyone deserves privacy, even people in the entertainment business. This blog will never become a gossip blog with inaccurate facts nor will I publish a person’s personal addresses, phone numbers, and personal social media sites. I will only publish public social media accounts which the person allows the public to follow. This is my promise to the individuals about whom I write. Furthermore, I am a professional film and TV editor so I am protecting my subjects of interest because I might be friends with them as well. I respect them as colleagues and possible friends.


2 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Ma’am I love your blog and wished I’d discovered it sooner! Don’t know if you welcome suggestions or not, but I’m a big fan of the Redford movie Havana, and have always wondered what happened to Lise Cutter, who along with Betsey Brantley had fairly high billing in the film (they actually played vacationing friends in the film). Just a thought. Anyway, thanks again for your work!

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