My name is Erica L. White, and I am a professional movie and television editor living in the Charlotte, NC metro area. I have experience editing for local news stations and major sports entities. Furthermore, I have a wide range of interests such as classic luxury cars, writing fiction and non-fiction, playing music on the piano and flute, writing music for the piano, reading, movies and television.

This blog is dedicated to reporting on “Where Are They Now?” stories about actors and actresses from the 1980’s to now! I am a major 1980’s and 1990’s movie buff so a lot of my focus will be on that time period. With that said, I won’t limit myself to the Eighties and Nineties movies. You never know – I could throw in a few actors and actresses who fell off the proverbial Earth in the new millenium. I could also throw in news about current people as well!

Keep checking this blog for news about your favorite actors and actresses! Thank you for reading!!

You may contact me on Twitter at ericaleighwhite or by e-mail at! Don’t hesitate to follow me on Twitter. You will need to request to follow me. I don’t allow spammers or porno accounts follow me, just an FYI!


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