Gennie James – The Secret Garden (Hallmark Version)

Gennie James from The Secret Garden (Hallmark Version)

Sara Genevieve James, known as Gennie James in Hollywood, was born on December 27th, 1976 in Navasota, Texas. Her best-known and breakout role was Mary Lennox in Hallmark’s version of The Secret Garden, based upon the 1911 novel with same name which was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett. After leaving her acting days in 1988 at age 11 years old, Gennie moved back to Texas, where she currently lives. Now, she is married and has children. This year, she will be turning 37 years old on her birthday.

Her filmography includes:

Places in the Heart (1984), The Hugga Bunch (1985), Papa was a Preacher (1985), If Tomorrow Never Comes (1986), Alex: The Life of a Child (1986), A Smoky Mountain Christmas (1986), The Christmas Gift (1986), Amazing Stories (1987), The Secret Garden (1987), Broadcast News (1987), CBS Summer Playhouse: My Africa (1988), and The River Pirates (1988)

What does she look like now?

Gennie James Now


One thought on “Gennie James – The Secret Garden (Hallmark Version)

  1. I love watching you in Places of The Heart. You touch my heart when I see your precious spirit and beautiful face. I truly enjoyed it over and again. God Bless You. I know you are a grown woman now, but you still light up the photo!

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