Aileen Quinn – Annie

Promotional picture from the film Annie in 1982

Promotional picture from the film Annie in 1982

I had a special request from a friend with whom I went to high school. My high school friend, Rebekah Rose Harvey, wanted to know more about Aileen Quinn, who is known for her title role of Annie in the 1982 film with the same name.

Aileen was born June 28, 1971 in Yardley, Pennsylvania. She was under contractual agreement with Columbia Pictures to make subsequent sequels to Annie but none were ever made with her in the movies. After Annie, she was primarily a stage actress in regional stage theatre plays and musicals.

At 18-years-old, she went to college at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey where she majored in Spanish and minored in Political Science. During her educational career, she spent six months in Chile with a family which she calls one of her most life-rewarding experiences. Aileen graduated from Drew University with honors in 1994.

She’s had several minor roles in independent films and has a solo musical album entitled Bobby’s Girl (November, 1982). She shares her musical talent as music composer and lead singer for the band The Leapin’ Lizards out of Los Angeles, California. For five years, Aileen also performed in three Broadway national tour productions of Fiddler on the Roof as Chava, Peter Pan as Tootles/Jane, and Saturday Night Fever as Annette. She also spent time as a teacher at Hudson Catholic Regional High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. She taught Spanish, theatre, and dance.

Her filmography includes The Wizard of Oz (1982); Annie (1982); Lights, Camera, Annie! (1982); The Charmkins (1983); The Frog Prince (1986); Annie (1999); Generation Gap (2004); 30 (2007); and Multiple Sarcasms (2010).

Her Twitter handle is @aileenquinn, and her official Facebook fan page is She maintains her personal website at

Recently, rumors were swirling Aileen Quinn died. Per her representatives on July 11th, 2013, she is alive and well. Aileen was just a recent victim of celebrity death hoaxes on the Internet. Again, Aileen Quinn is alive and well!!

Picture from 2012

Picture from 2012


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